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We are a small cattery in Thailand with home-raised Bengals in a familiar environment. Bengals have been our passion and hobby since 2008 and we started breeding in 2017.

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Bengals are extraordinary cats and are our passion and hobby. They are funny, stunning, intelligent, full of energy, and have a huge capacity for love. A Bengal will follow you everywhere, and will help you out with whatever you happen to be doing, they love to get involved. There is a “before and after” once you live with a Bengal cat.

We have a vision, and our goal is to have very sweet and active Bengals with a wild look. Our inspiration comes from the Asian Leopard Cat, the wild cat used for the foundation of this breed, with nocturnal eyes, rounded ears, very muscular body, thick tail and with a horizontal pattern flow. We want our kittens to look like they have just stepped out of the jungle!

All our cats are registered and have pedigree. Our kittens also come registered whether are going to their new homes as pets (neutered) or for breeding. Kittens can leave our cattery after 12 weeks if they stay in the country, 15 weeks for the kittens neutered and for kittens going abroad they need to be at least 16 weeks.



















We can export worldwide with the help of an agent who organises the shipping and advise on import requirements. It is always preferable for you to collect your kitten, but we understand that sometimes this is difficult and shipping can be easier.

Bengals have changed our lives and we are happy to share this hobby and fantastic creatures with cat lovers. We hope we can continue to produce Bengals with the look of the wild cats, and inspire you to follow our journey for many years to come.

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Our cattery is registered as Bangkokcats in T.I.C.A (The International Cat Association), W.C.F. (World Cat Federation) and C.F.A (Cat Fanciers Association).