Best Cat in Thailand, 2 Breed Winners, Grand Champions and Division Winners: the quick summary of a challenging show season in Thailand.

The CFA 2021-2022 season has ended and we are extremely happy with what our cats have achieved. This season has been very special because just a bit before the covid situation we decided to make a big change in our objectives of the Bengal breed: we castrated most of our old Bengal breeding cats and started almost from scratch with a very different program. Going to the shows after the 180 degrees turn of our program, we have been able to reassure our objectives and our breed goals.

First of all, our stud Top (BangkokCats Forbidden Fantasy) has become the Best cat in Thailand and the 2nd Best Cat in International Region! This is the first time that the BWI title for Bengals goes to Thailand, and also that a Bengal finishes as a Best Cat. He has been the Best Bengal in Thailand for 2 seasons in a row. This kitten born in our cattery wouldn’t have been possible to produce him without Michela Fossati and Nadejda Kokorina, so I want to express my gratitude to the breeders that let me work with their lines, and to congratulate you as these achievements are also extented to you!

Few things can be said that I haven’t said before to Tonio Ritz, to entrust us with SilverCrown Sirius Black of BangkokCats. We fell in love with him, and it has also been a showstopper, breaking the myth of the arrow-head and spotted pattern Bengals in CFA wouldn’t go anywhere. It is the first time that a Bengal kitten in Thailand reaches the DW title, and we are so proud of him. Let’s hope he can also do well as an adult during next season! Thank you again Tonio!

And related to the Bengals, last but not least, BangkokCats Whiskey of Bkk Gangster. The first Bengal being the Best Premier in ID and possibly in all classes in all regions in the world. A combination of our old rosetted lines BangkokCats Soju with a super typey momma Papyrus des Griffes de Feu. I want to express also my grattitude to Nathalie Chiesa and extend the achievements and congratulations to her. It is just awesome what Whiskey has achieved, but most importantly the friendship that has begun with Komson and Nim, the 2 owners of Whiskey that have been bringing him to shows during the whole season. Thank you very much!

This season has also been special because we decided to bring a new breed to our home with a very small program, the abyssinian cat, and we are also very happy to what we have achieved.Kinglike Eros of BangkokCats has also got the BWI title, meaning that he is the best Abyssinian in the International Region! Thank you very much to Tatyana, Eros’ breeder, and also a special thank you to Marianne Roth, that has become somehow our aby mentor.

For all this, we are super happy with the results of the season for BangkokCats:
2 BWI 🏆🏆
4 DW 🎖🎖🎖🎖
2 GC 🏅🏅
1 GP 🏅

Let’s hope next show season can be as good as this one, and thank you to everyone that has supported us to continue with our hobby and developing and improving the Bengal breed and, from now on, also the Abyssinian breed in Thailand!