Do Bengals need any special care?

Bengals are a breed easy to keep, and they don’t require special cares or needs, as they have a such short pelted coat that they maintain it extremely well. But from time to time you can give them a bath, making sure that you dry them carefully after.

If they are regularly combed, they don’t leave as much hair as other breeds, though sometimes they enter into a shedding stage which you might notice more hair loss.

It is very important to keep their vaccinations up-to-date, and give them a really healthy and varied diet (raw and dry), always using top quality dry feed.

Will my Bengal live happily in an apartment without a terrace?

Cats in general can adapt to quite small apartments and have a happy life as long as they get enough attention and love. Our Bengals are used to live inside and they will adapt easily to an apartment. If in the future you wish to take them for a walk on a leash to the park, you can do so using a cat harness and a leash. Once they get use to it they will look forward to the cat harness when they see it!

I have a house with a terrace / garden. Will my Bengal escape?

Bengal cats are very inquisitive and they love investigating, especially in gardens, always looking for new paths, trees, plants, holes… There is always the risk that they will just jump over or go through a hole, to keep enjoying their adventure.

It is strongly advised to supervise your Bengal while he is outside in the garden or terrace if it is not safely enclosed with no possibility for a cat to escape.

How about a balcony, will my Bengal jump?

Bengals are not suicidal cats, BUT they love to explore and they will definitely try to walk in the rail of the balcony. Any distraction, insect, fly, sound, etc. could make them lose their balance and fall, so there is high risk that they would fall. There are special nets for this purpose that will help you make your balcony safe for your Bengal.

How much is a kitten?

We generally price our kittens that go as pets around the same price. For breeding and show, each cat is evaluated depending on the quality, type, coat, pattern and colour. Please contact us for individual prices.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes we do have a waiting list. We keep a waiting list for pet kittens and another waiting list for breeding & show kittens.

I would like to be on the waiting list, what should I do?

You can email us or contact us through Facebook and tell us what are you looking for. We will send you the adoption conditions and details.

Do you export internationally?

We can export worldwide with the help of an agent who organises the shipping and advise on import requirements. Of course it is always preferable for you to collect your kitten, but we understand that sometimes this is just not possible.