The Bengal Personality

The Bengal cat is more than an ordinary cat, many people are totally in love with their character because it is more similar to the one of a dog. They enjoy following the owner all around the house, search you when they can’t see the you, even some Bengals will wait for you at the door when they know the time you usually arrive at home!

Is the Bengal an active cat?

Yes! Even though each cat differs depending on the individual temperament, in general a Bengal is not like your typical domestic cat that will sleep for a good part of the time or stay in the sofa the whole day. Bengal’s have high energy levels due to their wild blood from their Asian Leopard cat ancestors.

Bengals will climb everywhere they can!

The Asian Leopard cat is a very active cat moving all the time and hunting for food. ALC’s are alert, agile and clever to survive in the wild and hunt successfully. These traits have passed to the Bengal. Due to its intelligence inherited from its Asian Leopard ancestor not only is a Bengal extremely athletic, but it also has a very active mind.

Bengals love to be outdoors. Although there are risks in letting your Bengal loose such as roads and cars, or people that just fall in love with a cat like this, you can compromise by building an enclosure or cat proofing your garden. Bengals also love walking, so you can buy special walking jackets with a leash to train first your Bengal and when the cat becomes used to walk with you they will follow.

Bengals also love of water like their ancestors! Many of them are happy to share the bath or shower with the owner, and will also love to play and drink from a running tap!

The Bengal is a happy, funny, confident and interactive cat, it likes to get actively involved with all the activities that are happening at home.

For busy families that stay many hours out of home or they travel often, it is often better to have two Bengals, as they will provide company and entertain for each other in your absence. Though other active and extrovert breeds or even dogs can also make good companionship with Bengals; it will always depend on each cat and their individual personality.

Asian Leopard cats in the wild

Kids, bengals and outdoors: perfect combination!

Families with kids are most of the times one of the best choices and sources of activity for Bengals. They seem to have a natural affinity to children, and find child’s play a huge source of fun and entertainment.

We have noticed that some Bengals love to play “fetch”; you through the paper ball, and they go to find it, grab it in their mouth, and bring it to you for another go!