Bengal Patterns

Bengal’s have coat patterns unlike anything ever seen on a domestic cat before.

Did you know that Bengals are the only cat breed that has rosettes like a wild cat? Their rosettes are inherited from their Asian Leopard cat relatives.

Our kittens, just like Leopard cubs, are often born with solid spots. As they mature the middle of the spot lightens in the centre and becomes a rosette, just like wild leopards.

Every Bengal cat is unique with its own unique pattern. The Bengal pattern, through its wild cat genetics and selective breeding, has been developed to imitate almost every type of pattern seen in a wild cat, and each of these patterns are like a unique piece of art!

Patterns of the Bengal breed are subdivided in marbled Bengals and spotted Bengals. Spotted Bengal patterns can vary from simple spots that remind cheetahs to different kind of rosettes. 

Single spots

Arrow-head rosettes

Clustered rosettes

Donut rosettes

Clouded rosettes

Marbled pattern

We call rosettes to the spots that have 2 colours, the darker contour and another inner colour darker than the background colour.

All patterns have their own beauty and each one imitates different wild cats, such as the Asian Leopard Cat with more random spotss and arrowhead rosettes, to pawprints or clustered rosettes like leopards, donut rosettes like jaguars or clouded rosettes such as the clouded leopard.

Different patterns of brown rosetted Bengals