Welcome to BangkokCats: Where Passion Meets Expertise

At BangkokCats, we began our journey in 2017, transforming a childhood passion for cat breeding into an exciting venture. Our founders, Pau, a Catalan biologist with a forte in epidemiology and biosecurity, and Sun, a Thai entrepreneur with a rich family restaurant legacy, form a dynamic team dedicated to the care of our Bengal and Abyssinian companions. With Pau’s knowledge of genetics, health, and animal welfare, along with Sun’s dedication to our cats’ well-being and love for breed cats and competitions, we’ve created an exceptional breeding program. Our kittens are a perfect blend of beauty and behavior, truly standing out from the rest.

By embracing our diverse backgrounds and utilizing the natural beauty of Thailand, we’ve created a haven for ethical and sustainable cat breeding. For us, it’s more than just breeding Bengals – it’s about cultivating champions with grace and resilience, a testament to the depth of our knowledge and our commitment to the art of feline perfection.

Quality and exclusivity are at the heart of our mission. We meticulously select our breeding pairs, prioritizing health, temperament, and desirable traits. By keeping the number of our litters small, we ensure each cat receives the utmost care and attention, resulting in extraordinary kittens.

Ethics and sustainability are paramount in our breeding philosophy. Our cattery provides a safe and stimulating environment for our cats and kittens to thrive physically and mentally.


What we breed for?

Our BangkokCats kittens come from a meticulous breeding program and selection, which only allows very few cats per year, ensuring each cat is given the highest care and attention. We guarantee that they have been raised with the utmost love, care and ethical consideration. Our kittens are dream cats that will fulfil your life with love and laughs.

What sets our Bengal cats apart is their striking resemblance to the wild and vibrant Asian Leopard Cat and Early Generation Bengals, the ancestors of the breed. With their captivating appearance and unique markings, they exude an aura of untamed beauty. In addition, these extraordinary felines possess a super dog-like personality, making them truly exceptional companions. When you choose a Bengal cat from BangkokCats, you are embracing a captivating blend of wild aesthetics and loving companionship, backed by our legacy of excellence in breeding. Experience the allure of our Bengal cats and discover the extraordinary beauty that sets them apart.


BangkokCats believes that responsible breeding means breeding the healthiest cats possible. In each mating we take in account the bloodlines and coefficient of inbreeding to keep it as low as possible. We also screen our cats for:

  • HCM (a common heart disease in Bengals checked by our special cardiologist)
  • PK-Deficiency (blood disorder: chronic anemia, DNA test)
  • PRA-b (eye disorder: blindness, DNA test)
  • Giardia & Tri-trichomonas (intestinal parasites, PCR)
  • FIV and FeLV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukemia Virus)


From the moment of birth, we dedicate ourselves to fostering strong bonds between our kittens and human touch through daily handling. This includes gentle massages and carrying, ensuring that the kittens grow accustomed to and comfortable with human interaction. To further enhance their sociability, we meticulously select the parents of our kittens for their genetic friendliness. This results in kittens that naturally desire human connection and actively seek out engagement. We actively encourage children to interact with the kittens, as their movements differ from adults and provide valuable socialization experiences. In addition, we expose our cats and kittens to various animals, the noises of family life, and different situations. This exposure helps to boost their confidence and develop their behavioral flexibility. By providing a well-rounded and enriched environment, we lay the foundation for kittens with well-adjusted temperaments and a willingness to embrace new experiences.


As an award-winning boutique cattery, we take immense pride in our exceptional achievements and renowned reputation. Our Bengal cats have garnered numerous accolades, including multiple World Champions, placing us among the top 3 catteries worldwide. Driven by our unwavering commitment to excellence, we adhere strictly to the highest standards in breeding. We are proud to be the only cattery in Asia with CFA National Winners and Breed Winners consistently recognized over the years. Our Bengal cats are meticulously bred to embody the standard of perfection.

Take a moment to explore our website and discover the remarkable lineage, unique personalities, and accomplishments of our feline companions in cat competitions. Immerse yourself in the world of BangkokCats, where these majestic creatures are celebrated, and their stories come alive.

Experience the joy and companionship that a kitten from BangkokCats can bring to your life. We are proud to offer you a breed of cats that not only embodies excellence but also enriches your world in ways beyond measure. Welcome to the realm of BangkokCats, where the art of breeding converges with the magical essence that surrounds us.



Our adult cats are in an on-site facility designed for optimum interaction and activity, as well as minimising disease transmission, while some of them are also at home with the kittens or in separated rooms as is the case of queens that have just delivered with their newborns, so they can have their space and feel safe and quiet.

All our cats and kittens receive high quality food. Kittens receive a high quality diet keeping them healthy and strong. We feed a combination of raw and dry foods. Their main ingestion is raw food from BARF ME Thailand, a specialised formula that we have mastered after many years, mostly containing chicken, their bones, offals, beef, olive oil and supplements that make them have the best health and coat quality. Contact us to get some of our premium raw food we use for our cats, or you can also order it here: www.facebook.com/barfmethailand