GC, BWI, NW Bangkokcats Forbidden Fantasy


D.O.B 22/04/2020

PK Def – Negative
PRA-b – Negative
COI: 23.28%

HCM screening (24/12/22) – Normal

GC, BWI, NW Forbidden Fantasy (aka Top) is a 9G Brown bengal with an amazing head, colour and horizontal flow. We saw he was special since he was born, being the biggest kitten of the litter and with an exceptional character. With his big eyes placed very low like his dad, he has a very wild expression and very good body proportions. Top has been the Best Bengal Cat in International Region for 2 consecutive seasons (2020-2021 and 2021-2022) and also has been the Best Cat in Thailand including all other breeds in CFA 2021-2022 season. He has earned the titles of Grand Champion, Breed Winner International and National Winner, among other awards such as 2nd Best Cat in International region (CFA).