GC, DW Bangkokcats Tiffany

D.O.B 21/11/2021

PK Def – Negative
PRA-b – Negative
COI: 25.02%

HCM screening (11/12/22) – Normal

Our next queen for 2023, Tiffany is a 10G and has very rounded ears and cupped like the Asian Leopard Cat, with a super straight profile and rounded eyes set low. She has small donut-like rosettes along the body and go down to the hindlegs. Her coat is super soft and has a very thick tail. She has gone to shows as a kitten and she got the Highest Score in kitten class in one of the shows! Just at 8 months she already obtained the Grand Champion title. Tiffany is the Best Bengal Kitten female in the 2022-2023 CFA season, and the first Bengal female to ever reach this title in the world!


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