CH Batifoleurs Tango of Bangkokcats


D.O.B 20/12/2019

PK Def – Negative
PRA-b – Negative
COI: 28.82%
HCM screening (26/12/22) – Normal


Tango (9G) is a Snow Lynx Bengal, and he is the biggest stud we have at home. He is the result of the selection for the best body structure, head and temperament in this breed for many years. With an extremely sweet temperament, Tango is our last addition to our program. His dad has been the Best Bengal two years in a row, season 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 in TICA, and the Bengal with the highest score in TICA history!


IW BW SGC Batifoleurs Kibo


Batifoleurs Nala

Thank you Irene for the photos