We were not expecting this at all: Russian Star (aka Tita) gave birth to 8 healthy kittens! This is the biggest litter that we have ever had, and the kittens are also very big! Numerous litters are risky and it is common that not all kittens survive.

Because of this, we decided to extra feed with milk the kittens after the 2nd day after birth to make sure that all of them could have enough energy to grow healthy and to later on fight for real milk! We started feeding all kittens four times a day and one time around 3am, and we kept doing this for the first week. Then we reduced the doses to twice a week, though all kittens were with their mum the 24h. This has been an amazing experience (but tiring!) and we are very happy that all kittens have survived and grown extremely healthy and big, weighting almost 300 grams on day 12.

Once they are 2 months will be evaluated and we will send updates to the waiting list. They all look amazing!

Group photo of the eight healthy kittens!