What does make a cat look like a Bengal cat? Is it only the pattern? Definitely no! The goal of the Bengal breeding program is to create a domestic cat, which has physical features distinctive to the small forest‚Äźdwelling wildcats, and with the loving, dependable temperament of the domestic cat.

For this, there are a series of physical traits that make cats look like these small wildcats.

Today we will take a close look at the shape of the head and profile. The shape of the head, together with the head profile gets around 1/3 of the head score (a lot!). Other traits of the head will be discussed in other days.

The shape of the head in the bengal breed should be with rounded contours, longer than it is wide. The head should be slightly small in proportion to the body, and the skull behind the ears should make a gentle curve and flow into the neck.

It actually reminds a bit to a shape of an egg.

For the profile, the curve of the forehead should flow into the bridge of the nose with no break. The line of the bridge should extend to the nose tip, making a very slight to nearly straight concave curve. I guess these photos below will explain better this words in pictures, much easier to understand.