Today I would like to share a bit of information related to Bengal patterns and standards so we increase the knowledge of this group, as I think there is a general misunderstanding about patterns in Thailand

TICA organization was the first one that accepted Bengal cats as a breed, and it has been the pioneer and the reference standard for all other organizations that have accepted Bengal later on.

All standards include both kinds of bengals: spotted and marbled. In the spotted category, there are different kinds of spotted bengals, such as spots, arrow, pawprint or rosettes. There is no kind of pattern better than another, as each pattern has its beauty and it depends on what every person likes. Nevertheless, the contrast, the disposition of the pattern in the Bengal with no rib bars and well balanced is very important.

The quality of a Bengal cat does not depend on how big the rosettes but to many other characteristics. From what I have seen in Thailand people think that the bigger the better, and this is a wrong belief.

Today I am just writing about the pattern, without going deep into the body type or other important characteristics of the Bengal.

By the way, TICA has released the winners of this last season, and the best Bengal cat of this year has very small rosettes. This Bengal has got the highest scoring of all TICA history!