Guru Ulisse


Amazongold Faraon-Show Matreshka of Bangkokcats

Bangkokcats Kallaya

Sex : Female
Status : Reserved for K. Mayupa & Rémi

D.O.B.: 7 April 2021
Kallaya is one step forward to our breeding goals, with a striking contrast, very nice color and possibly a white belly. Her eyes are big and placed low and she has a very nice muzzle too.

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Papyrus des Griffes de Feu

Our Bengal quality kittens are available as pets and/or with breeding rights and for show.
All our kittens leave our cattery once they are litter trained, vaccinated and health checked by our veterinarian when they are 3 months. Your kitten will be registered with TICA.

Status meanings:

  • Available : this kitten is available for reservation.
  • On hold : we are waiting for a deposit before the reservation is completed.
  • Reserved : the kitten has been reserved and it is not available.
  • In evaluation : we are waiting to see the development of the kitten, stay tuned as it might become available later on.

Kittens that go as pets are neutered between 3 months and half and 4 months, and they can go to their new homes at 4 months.

For international inquires, the minimum age to export is 4 months, but depending on the country it might take longer because for some countries, Thailand it is still considered a potential “rabies” country and there is the need to do the titrate test before the cat can be exported, and this can take up to 2 more months before the cat can be exported.

Most of our kittens going as pets usually have the same price, and  kittens for breeding or show are priced individually depending on the quality.

Because sometimes we have lots of inquires and we do not have many litters a year, we do keep a waiting list.

A deposit of 10,000 THB is required for a pet kitten (de-sexed), and 20,000 THB or 500€ for a kitten with breeding rights. Please note that we cannot hold a kitten without a deposit for longer than 24 hours. Deposits are non-refundable (unless we cannot provide the kitten).

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