And this came totally unexpected and also breaking all records in Thailand, our Bengals got the highest scoring of the show a consecutive time with 5 judges coming from all over the world!

The results of the show:
🐆GC BangkokCats Forbidden Fantasy🐆
Allan Raymond – BEST Championship AB
Douglas Myers – BEST Championship AB
Teo Vargas – BEST Championship SH
Russell Webb – BEST Championship SH and 2nd Best Championship AB
Jan Rogers – 2nd Best Championship AB
🐆SC Sirius Black of BangkokCats🐆
Allan Raymond – 2nd Best Kitten AB
Douglas Myers – 4th Best Kitten AB
Teo Vargas – 2nd Best Kitten SH
Russell Webb – 3rd Best Kitten SH and 6th Best Kitten AB
Jan Rogers – 2nd Best Kitten AB
🐆GP BangkokCats Whiskey of BkkGangster🐆
Allan Raymond – BEST Premiership AB
Douglas Myers – BEST Premiership AB
Teo Vargas – BEST Premiership SH
Russell Webb – BEST Premiership SH and 2nd Best Premiership AB
Jan Rogers – 3rd Best Premiership AB